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land rover

Prices start from AED 550

250KM mileage allowance

(Additional milage will be subject to a surcharge)

AED 5000 deposit required

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  • 2.0 D

  • Automatic

  • Smartphone Pack

  • Two-zone climate control

  • Heated Seats

  • All-terrain Tyres

  • All Wheel Drive

Why Choose Our
land rover discovery?

The Land Rover Discovery is a perfect solution for someone wanting the luxury of an iconic British made Range Rover but with enhanced all-terrain capabilities. Not jeopardising style or comfort, the Discovery is still an attention grabbing SUV to drive around the city, but it really comes into its own off-road.


It’s no surprise that the Discovery performs so well off road as it comes packed with additional features and technologies to enhance its capabilities. The Discovery comes with all-terrain tyres, all-wheel drive and electronic air suspension. It will even adapt to your driving conditions with terrain response and adaptive dynamics.

The land rover discovery Driving Experience

Driving a Land Rover Discovery gives you the satisfaction of driving an iconic British brand in all of its luxury, whilst giving you the option to have fun off road. The added technologies and safety features mean that you can take the Discovery through its paces with peace of mind that it will handle the ride brilliantly.


If you’re looking to experience Dubai in a different way to the classic supercar, the Land Rover Discovery is a great alternative.  

land rover discovery

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